Lighting For Exterior Environments

Lighting For Exterior Environments

The Naturals

If you like the monochromatic look , use a lot of colors from nature. For example, taupe, leafy green, goldenrod, terra-cotta, sunset red, and earth tones will be wonderful accents in an off-white room.

Add Warmth to a White Room

Add warmth to a white room with works of art. This doesn’t have to be just paintings, but handcrafted objects as well. A brightly colored glass bowl, for example, will make a bold statement on a wooden table in a white room.

Color in Small Doses

The thing you don’t want to do is invest in an object that’s expensive and large, such as a boldly patterned sofa or carpet that you might tire of very quickly. It’s so easy to add color to a room in small doses to see what works best for you and the room and how it relates to the rest of the house. A little color in a white room can make a strong statement, so choose your colorful objects carefully. Something as simple as a postcase can add interest, texture, and color to a white room. Remember, woods add warmth.

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