Lighting For Outdoor Kitchen

Lighting For Outdoor Kitchen

Washing Down the Ceiling

For the purpose of washing the ceiling a large sponge is the best thing to use, or else a large whitewash brush. The main point is to convey sufficient water to the ceiling. It is best to use hot water, because it has greater powers as a solvent of the glutinous binding of the whitewash, and also because it is more pleasant to use than cold water.

To Avoid Washing the Walls

Start some little way from the walls to prevent too free an application of water from reaching the junction between the ceiling and the walls, and thus allowing surplus water to get behind the protecting sheets and run down the wall, where it will cause unsightly marks which cannot be eradicated.

Use a Small Paint Brush when Dampening the Edges

You can use as much water as you like over the centre area of the ceiling. When dealing with the edges it is a good plan to use a relatively small paint brush to apply the water and then, when the whitewash has become softened, finally remove it by gentle use of the scraper.

The Joints

It can be taken as a good general rule that ceiling papers should be laid so that they run at right angles to the main window, and that the correct side to start laying the paper is from the window side.

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