Lighting Ideas Entrance

Lighting Ideas Entrance

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Americans love to shop. Our homes are testament to our acquisitions, and collecting is a passion shared by many. What people collect is a subject that never ceases to be fascinating. You can find information about almost anything that attracts you. The pursuit of a collectible is as much fun as the acquisition itself and, if one isn’t careful, can lead to obsessive behavior. Who among us doesn’t know someone crazy for something?
What to Collect
A few collectibles continue to hold a fascination. They may have interesting historic backgrounds, they may be especially well designed, or they may continue to increase in monetary value because of their rarity. For whatever reason, there is never a dirth of collectibles or people who want to collect them. Here are a few interesting items that are affordable and add a special touch to a room.
This is enamelwork that is often described as a rather exuberant art form. It originated during the early years of the Ming dynasty and was most often used for small boxes, plates, bowls, flower vases, and lady’s compacts. It has never really been taken seriously because it’s often considered rather gaudy. Originally intended to imitate precious stones, it has thrived for over six hundred years.
In the 1800s the Palace of Fountainebleau in France featured a room filled with cloisonne. It appeared again when the Victoria and Albert Museum opened in 1889. In Chinese, the term cloisone means “the blue of the Ching-T’ai,” named after an early Ming dynasty monarch.

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