Lighting Ideas For Nursery

Lighting Ideas For Nursery

Checks and stripes

Of all patterns, checks and stripes are the most cheerful and unfussy. There is a huge variety of designs and colours available, and they generally mix well together in a room, especially alongside a traditional print such as floral linen or toile de Jouy (see opposite).

Geometric patterns always look good made into blinds, although they must be printed straight and cut square for a successful result.

Gingham is a jolly check formed from coloured stripes woven on a white background. Available in a dazzling range of alternatives, checks can be anything from quiet, woven in two subtle shades, to loud and boisterous, combining several bright colours.

Madras cotton is a brightly patterned cotton check originally from India.

Wide stripes can look stunning and create a strong graphic image when formed into a blind, draped over a pole across the top of the window or made into floor-length curtains. 0

Narrow stripes are more restrained and will contribute a quiet elegance to an interior. They mix well with floral prints and checks in the same colour range. Horizontal stripes are less common than vertical ones, but they do have many of the same qualities, although they will not help a dull, low window look any taller.

Originally designed to keep feathers inside mattresses, ticking has a distinctive stripe. It is available in variously coloured stripes on white or cream, and has become popular as an inexpensive and hard-wearing soft-furnishing fabric.

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