Lighting Ideas For The Home

Lighting Ideas For The Home

Sheet metal

For a really dramatic, industrial-style finish, face a door with sheet metal such as zinc or stainless steel. This is not a difficult job, but requires care, and the end result can be stunning. Begin by measuring the door precisely. Then find a steel stockholder who will supply you with a single panel of metal and cut it to size. From the wide choice available, choose a metal and finish you like, bearing in mind that a lightweight flush door may only be able to support a thin sheet of metal. The opdmum thickness is 1mm (Yuin).

When the piece is to be cut, specify that the corners must be cut exactly square, and the sheet must be without scratches or blem-L’hes. Handle pieces with extreme care as the burred edges can cut, and smooth the edges with heavy-duty wet-and-dry paper.

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You can attach the metal to the door using i wide range of finishes and sizes of fixing, including escutcheon pins, drive pins, roundhead screws, pop rivets and even tin tacks. The choice of fixing is entirely personal, as the finishes are equally effective. Pop rivets p e a particularly pleasing industrial look and ire applied with a pop riveter, which is avail-from hardware and DIY stores.

Whichever fixing you select, begin by ling a small hole through the metal and into the wood, using a drill bit of the same ;_meter as your fixing or slightly smaller experiment on a scrap of wood). If you are r.mging a new door, you can attach the metal before hanging it, to make working along the bottom edge easier. Otherwise, attach the metal at the top first so it hangs down while you fix the rest. Use an adhesive suitable for gluing metal to wood, or doublesided tape, to ensure that the edges of the metal sheet stick properly to the door. Attach the metal with fixings applied in any pattern you choose, perhaps by using a combination of sizes or types for a more elaborate effect.

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