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For the flooring we chose a repeating pattern of stone setts and brick paving, which adds interest when seen from above. The beautiful central urn was provided by Robert Kime, the bench and lanterns are from Charles Edwards. Water dyed black reflects the Palladian-style fagade. I was very conscious of privacy and views. The view on the large private terrace is framed by elaeagnus hedging, which is hardy and can be cut back. The trees, multistemmed Betula jacquemontii, give height but cast limited shadow. The smaller terrace is a minimalist gravel garden with zinc pots forming a grid. I enjoyed working with Richard because he is a positive thinker; he creates a comfortable feeling that anything really worthwhile is possible.’ RICHARD COLLINS: The amount of space consumed by the courtyard is entirely justified as it will give continued pleasure. There are few courtyards in London: I wanted a welcoming feeling within a properly proportioned area with mature trees and water. We spent a lot of time discussing the purpose of the space ” what should be formal, what informal? The largest private terrace is 100 square metres: Anthea divided the sitting area from a more formal planting with an archway. She said the arches would soon be covered; I just nodded and wondered if they really would. She used a special compost and now there are fully grown vines with bunches of grapes. She found beau- tiful garden furniture from Munder Skiles in the States.

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