Lighting Ideas Photos

Lighting Ideas Photos

This chapter aims to provide you with all the information you need to put a basic decorative scheme together. It begins by looking at colour, texture and pattern the basic building blocks of any decorative scheme and explains how to interpret a decorative style so that it fits comfortably into your surroundings. The chapter then goes on to tell you everything you need to know about working with architectural detail, lighting and storage the three elements of a scheme that pretty much determine how a room is both used and enjoyed.
A seemingly simple and uninspiring-sounding arrangement of brown objects against a yellow wall looks anything but dull when it includes pleasing textural contrasts, such as that of the old wood cabinet against the smooth wall, and whimsical found objects that introduce a touch of pattern.
Shiny materials, such as stainless steel, not only contrast well with rough textures, such as stone and brick; they also take on and reflect the colours of objects nearby This is a useful way of softening the cold and hard character of metallic surfaces. It also makes a small amount of intense colour go further.
Colour in particular is so much a part of our lives that we often take it for granted – until such time as we are deprived of it. Not so long ago, visitors to the former Soviet Union invariably remarked on how colourless the cities there seemed, thanks to the absence of any street advertising. And in the earth’s deserts and at its ice caps it is not just the extremes of temperature which inspire awe but also the seemingly monochrome barrenness of those landscapes.

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