Lighting over island

When Jonathan was eight years old, his parents moved to Scotland and started Anna French Ltd above an old lace factory in Kilmarnock He now lives in London but Scotland is still close to his heart ” indeed, it was seeing otters swimming and playing in the waters of the river Ayr all those years ago that inspired Otters, one of four fabric designs in the collection which also includes Bees, Whales and Angels’Wings. “I really wanted to create a collection that meant something to me, says Jonathan. “Hopefully it will sell, too, as I shall be in trouble if it doesn’t! Jonathan studied fine art at both Camberwell and Chelsea Schools of Art. It was through an exhibition of his paintings in Boston that he met his wife Candace, and they now have a young son named Arran, after the Scottish island. While in Boston, Jonathan spent five hours on a whale watch, and saw nothing. Hearing of this, Candace took him to Nantucket Island, an old whaling centre near Cape Cod, which also proved fruitless. He has returned to the island since then, but has still to see a whale in the flesh! Luckily, the whaling museum there has provided much inspiration. The idea for the collection evolved from being “out there” (i.e. on the road) as Jonathan has worked in the family business for five years.The first three were spent as a sales representive in Kent and Cornwall, then in the USA. For the last two years he has been designing the company’s brochures, trade shows and advertisements.

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