Lighting Unlimited Columbus

Lighting Unlimited Columbus

Seashell Wreath
You can use any shells for this project, but deep blue mussel shells make the prettiest simple wreath. Use a flat Styrofoam or
Bristol board wreath form and hot-glue the mussel shells in concentric circles around the wreath. Add a simple bow fashioned from netting, or leave as is.
Brass Band
If you have a brass knocker on your front door, use it as part of your wreath decoration. Wire tiny golden balls to an evergreen wreath and place it on the door with the knocker in the center.
A Fanciful Display
I usually make a wreath that evolves as I go along. Last year I used a grapevine form on which 1 attached all sorts of miscellaneous decorations. It’s good to use a hot glue gun for many such crafting projects. For this I assembled a variety of pinecones, some artificial holly leaves, and berries in different sizes, dried flowers such as rosebuds and baby’s breath, small jingle bells, and several greeting cards. One of the cards featured playful mice, another had flowers and butterflies. I cut out the ones I liked best, then glued them here and there around the wreath. A mouse is perched on top of a pinecone, a butterfly rests on a dried flower. You can use small ornaments such as teddy bears, baby’s blocks, a tiny Santa, and bells.

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