Living Area Decoration Ideas

Living Area Decoration Ideas

The Occupied House

However, what is most likely to concern us is the ironwork of the house wherein we live, and this will, from time to time, require repainting. We shall suppose that the time for such a renovation has arrived. How should we proceed?

The first thing to do is to ascertain whether any replacements are required. There may be a cracked length of rain-water pipe or gutter, or a new length of iron railing may be needed. The new article or section may come to us unpainted or, if painted, it may have been with a mere wash of paint of poor

ALL LOOSE RUST MUST FIRST BE SCRAPED quality. The first off the metal surface. thing to be done,

A painter’s scraper will be found useful for this ‘jlerefore js to prepare it for painting.


A vigorous rubbing with a coarse-grade sandpaper may be sufficient to remove a slight film of rust or any loose paint.

If the article has been in store for some time, and the rusting is considerable, it will be necessary to use a wire brush which, as its name implies, is a brush containing wire instead of hair strands. In the case of railings, a strong knife or chisel will be required for getting well into the interstices or more intricate parts.

Similar preparation will be required by the older ironwork, already part of the structure of the house, the amount and kind of such preparation depending upon its condition. Should any portion have been so neglected that corrosion is far advanced, it may be necessary to use a hammer or file to remove the scale.

Whatever the amount of rust present, it must be completely removed, down to the bare metal. Otherwise, painting will be practically a waste of time and money.

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