Living Decorating Ideas Pictures

Living Decorating Ideas Pictures

Personality and Types

Aside from your style, there is also your personality type to consider:

Visual people prefer to look at things. If you’re a visual type, you probably already have lots of pictures or artwork hanging on your walls. You’re probably more inclined to use bright colors than stick with basic beige. When you’re on a learning curve at work, pictures and flow charts as well as written instructions help you immensely.

And what I’d recommend, if you discover that you are this type of person, is when you’re decorating, pick only your favorite pictures or pillows or knickknacks to display. I’m a visual type and have a tendency to have too much hanging on the walls, and it becomes overwhelming.

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Auditory people are the second most common personality types. My husband is an auditory person, always has to have the TV on, likes to listen to music while he’s working, and prefers oral instructions when he’s driving as opposed to a map. (I think he’s having a love affair with “Wendy” his driving GPS.)

If you’re auditory, invest the bulk of your money in electronics. It’s worth it. And when you’re dealing with a visual mate, draw a picture when you’re explaining things! Also, let a visual person assist you with your decorating colors, because that’s not your thing.

Tactile folks rely on, and are more aware of, sense of touch. These people are huggers and you’ll find lots of nubby and furry accessories in their home (and possibly in their wardrobe too). It is fairly unusual to find a tactile person, as the majority of the world is either auditory or visual, with visual being the most predominant.

If you’re a tactile person, and sense of touch is very important to you, choose bath towels that are soft, along with furry throw blankets for your bed, and sofa pillows with texture. Repeat this in other important areas of your life.

I find that there are also mixed types here. For instance, I am primarily visual, although I love furry throws and jackets.

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