Living And Dining Room Floors

Living And Dining Room Floors


The dining area sports a retro marble-topped coffeeshop dining set, which is contrasted by an exposed bulb chandelier. Nearby, the surrounding wall showcases a unique display of electrical trunking framing some of homeowner Edmund’s prized movie posters.

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Living and dining room floors Patterned homogeneous tiles

LIVING ROOM With its tricoloured Peranakan-patterned floor tiles, mid-century style leather seating and a half wall constructed of ventilation tiles, the living room is an homage to 80s-inspired living. However, thanks to pristine white walls and functional track lighting, the look doesn’t veer into kitsch territory.
Living And Dining Room Floors

Most people think of their homes as a personal sanctuary – a place where one can fully relax and feel totally secure. But the definition of a sanctuary differs from person to person. It could mean a space decorated in a low-key manner or it could be a space that reflects a homeowner’s personality.

For 39-year-old compliance officer, Edmund Lau, it is the latter. With a wish to fill the home he shares with his parents with his collection of toys and memorabilia together with a vibe reminiscent of his growing up days in the 80s, he engaged interior designer Eddie Tay from Fuse Concept to help him realise a space-efficient yet personality-filled apartment.

Fusing all these elements together, the designer came up with a fun-filled home that not only cleverly incorporates all of the homeowner’s collectibles,

he also added a subtle retro-meets-industrial vibe throughout.

The first thing that Eddie set out to do was to convert one of the three bedrooms into a hobby area. To do this, sections of the wall between the living room and bedroom were taken down and replaced with black-framed wire mesh glass panels. This was done to allow more light to enter the room, while visually enlarging the space.

Inside the hobby zone, the designer built up a feature wall constructed out of ventilation tiles to reiterate the home’s retro theme. The wall is the centrepiece of the room, as this is where Edmund gets to display his prized collection of robot toys and memorabilia. Complementing this is an eye-catching chandelier and a collection of 80s-inspired furnishings and accessories sourced from Amazon and 2by2 Store.

The communal zone, too, shows off various nostalgic elements by way of the same ventilation tiles.

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