Living Room Decor Ideas For Apartments

Living Room Decor Ideas For Apartments


IT is not so widely realized as it should be how great is the annual loss caused by the corrosion of metals used in building. One authority has estimated it at over £500,000,000.

Scientists tel! us that absolutely pure air does not attack iron or steel at all, but this knowledge is of small interest because the atmosphere about us is never quite pure. It always contains various agents which act detrimentally, causing rust and corrosion.

Therefore it is imperative that all iron and steel used in the construction of buildings, and exposed to these harmful influences, should be kept properly protected by means of paint.

General Principles

It is equally necessary that the paint should be of the right kind, that it should be properly applied, and that it should be renewed from time to time. The time that will elapse before repainting is necessary will largely depend upon the manner in which the previous painting has been done.

Corrosion proceeds rapidly, nor is it very easy to stop it when once it has begun. Consequently, it is in the interest of every householder or owner of property to see that it does not begin, for this is easier and more economical than checking it.

This is illustrated by the fact that, if rust be painted over, it by no means follows that further rusting is prevented. Indeed, it may be accelerated, for it is quite possible, and it often happens, that paint is applied (sometimes in an inefficient manner) and then, within a comparatively short time, the paint and rust fall away in flakes.

From all this it follows that, if corrosion has unfortunately been allowed to begin, all traces of that corrosion must be completely removed before painting is proceeded with.

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