Living Room Decor Tips

Living Room Decor Tips

All furniture is by the sculptor, Accorsi.

Ship Ahoy! proclaims nautically – decorated boy’s room, executed in the wonderfully appropriate color scheme of red, white and blue.

Simple, painted wood – framed headboards, room – divider barber poles, and bookshelves are possible do – it – yourself projects. Small windows are given white framed shutters backed with shirred fabric that matches the plaid used for attractive tailored spreads.

Two brothers go sailing off to sleep in engaging room (above) wrapped in a delightful Waverly print patterned by Revolutionary soldiers. Charming boatlike bed frames were built of plywood, painted white and trimmed with decorative rope in a swagged effect. A straw storage basket serves as a nightstand for both beds, while lighting is provided by wall fixtures.

Flowers bloom in profusion in delightful girl’s room (top left) played out in matching wallpaper and fabric. To create the illusion of greater space, short canopies frame each bed, while a single contemporary table-desk serves both as study area and nightstand.

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