Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

Living Room Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments

Repainting an Old Greenhouse

If all the old paint-work on the woodwork of a greenhouse is intact, repainting will be simply a matter of well washing down the surface, allowing it to become thoroughly dry, and then giving it two coats of white-lead paint made according to Formulae B and C.

If, as is far more likely, some parts of the old paint have disintegrated, more thorough preparation will be required. All paint that is flaking or cracking must be thoroughly scraped or burnt off down to the bare wood.

If any moisture has percolated into any part of the woodwork, that moisture must be allowed or encouraged to dry out. To apply new paint over dampness is a quite useless proceeding.

All places which are bare, or are made so by the scraping and cleaning, will require a preliminary priming coat, and this should be made up according to Formula A. All holes, cracks and open joints should also be soaked well with priming, and this allowed to dry before a very thorough stopping with putty is undertaken.

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