Living Room Decorating Pictures

Living Room Decorating Pictures


Whether the mixture is apparently quite smooth or not, it will almost certainly contain some small variations in consistency. It may even contain small particles of paint skin or foreign matter. Therefore, it should be strained, before use, through a fairly fine-meshed strainer (see Fig 64), or through fine cloth.

The straining is done, a small quantity at a time, into another vessel. The paint is then ready for use.

Brushes and Tools

The painting brushes required for greenhouse work are two in number; a large “tool”, No. 12, and a small “tool”, No. 4; or, alternatively, two of the flat type, one 1 inch wide and the other 2 inches wide. A putty knife and “duster” brush will be useful at every stage.

The paint should be laid on smoothly and evenly, avoiding thick or “ fatty ” edges of paint and, before each section of the work is painted, the surface should be cleared from dust by means of the duster.

The paint in the can in use should be stirred from time to time to keep the contents of uniform consistency.

In coating the bars next to glass, the edges of the paint should be kept straight and should only just cover the edge of the putty and inch of the glass.

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