Living Room Decoration Design

Living Room Decoration Design

Two variations of the same cane-like design provide handsome, tailored bedroom (above), with its major design interest. Sheer dacron print used at the windows and on the skirted table, matches cotton bedspread and wall fabric. All furniture in this setting is from Broyhill.

The tester bed, a very-old fashioned idea, is currently enjoying a favored position in bedroom furniture design. Bed (left) by Directional, is a purely modern interpretation of the theme. Bold floral spread softens rectangular lines of this design.

Elegant bedroom (top right) has charming sitting area arranged between the foot of the bed, and handsome, oversized painted armoire (not seen here) which provides, along with fruitwood chest, ample storage area. Bachstein & Lawrence, who designed this interior, mixed painted and wood finishes against backdrop of patterned walls.

Bold, sunlit colors invest bedroom (bottom right) with a luminous glow. Hues of Celanese plaid, used for bedspread and draperies, are restated in carpeting and upholstery fabrics. Ingenious “shade doors” pay off decora-tively and architecturally they eliminate the need for conventional doors in a narrow space.

Living Room Decoration Design_4.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_3.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_5.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_10.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_2.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_9.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_17.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_19.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_16.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_11.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_21.jpgLiving Room Decoration Design_20.jpg

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