Living Room Decoration Ideas

Living Room Decoration Ideas

Hearths & Stoven any latitude with cold winters, the friendliest part of a house will be near the fireplace. Radiators, lovable though Victorian cast-iron specimens can be, just do not exert the same magnetism, or induce the same languorous torpor. And though these days it seems decadent to have a fire in a bedroom, a century ago there would have been no alternative.

The fireplaces in an old house have often fallen victim to the inexorable march of modernization, so you may be contemplating the tricky question of finding perfect replacements. Inauthenticity really shows, and so do mistakes with proportions. You may fall in love with a high altar of an English Edwardian fireplace, all intricate black and gold. It just might have an unexpected baroque charm in your tiny white-washed cottage, but it is far more likely to sulk, menacing and incongruous. Similarly, you may like the simplicity of that nice old pine surround, only to find it dwarfed by your high-ceilinged sitting-room. Check out successful fireplace transplants in similar houses to your own, and then, within the consequent parameters of size and style, you can explore local architectural salvage yards, bearing in mind that the prices of restored surrounds will leave you weak.

But solving the fireplace surround problem opens a Pandora’s box of further worry – unless you find a suitable fireplace complete with its own grate, you now have to make the perfect marriage of grate to surround. Your best guides here are your own taste, your tape-measure and a dealer with experience and a high turnover of fireplace accoutrements.

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