Living Room Decoration Tips

Living Room Decoration Tips

Second Coating

This time a “straight” white-lead paint is required for both the inside and the outside woodwork. A suitable formula would be:

If liquid driers are used, £ lb. will be sufficient. The above mixture totals 68 lb. in weight, or about 2\ gallons by measure, and will cover about 2,500 square feet, one coat.

When the second coat has been applied, the work should be allowed to stand for at least two days for hardening.

Finishing Coats

Four coats of paint is generally considered, under normal conditions, the minimum for the complete protection of a new greenhouse, and the third coat should be of the same composition as that of the second.

This batch of paint would weigh a total of 67 lb., would also measure about 2 gallons, and would cover about 2,800 square feet, one coat.

It will be noted that in this finishing paint the linseed oil content is larger and the turpentine content is smaller than those of the earlier coats. The reason for this is that it is desirable that the paint should dry with a gloss. This gloss improves the appearance of the final coat and makes it more impervious to the weather. These qualities would be further increased if, say, 1 lb. of a good copal varnish were substituted for a similar weight of the oil.

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