Living Room Decorations Ideas

Living Room Decorations Ideas

Aside from these two scenarios, the following might be true:

If you're a minimalist, your home might be fairly stark and plain, with few frou-frou items. (Definition of frou-frou: candles, throw pillows, displayed items, plants etc. ) And if you have this minimalist mindset, please allow yourself the pleasure of a nice scented candle or a pretty glass container in the bathroom to hold cotton balls. Live a little.

There are people who are almost too relaxed in their outlook.

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This is probably just as well while the kids are young, because they won't be tied up cleaning and painting the house. (They'll be playing with their kids instead. ) If you fall into this category, just try to keep the house fairly cleaned up and set a good example for the children.

The drama queens among us might not know they are drama queens but everyone around them knows! The queens might want to rethink what's really important. A crack in the patio concrete, in the end, is no big deal. Fifty years from now, will it really matter? They need to focus on the important things in life.

Men. Okay, they are a whole different scene. It gets kind of scary looking into the minds of men. I'm thinking football fans, along with any other kind of sport. This always means big screen TV's and lots of beer. Their minds are always thinking of ways to either watch sports, play sports, eat or sleep. Most of the time, they don't care whether the dishes are done or the laundry is folded. In a sense, they have their priorities straight. They just don't coincide with ours!

When I moved in with my husband, there was a pool table in the living room and he was smoking in the house. Ugh. Pretty soon, there was actually a place to sit in the living room and his son could breathe easy because his father was smoking outside.

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