Living Room Design For Small Spaces

Living Room Design For Small Spaces

Just as an example, some of my goals are:

• To have a home I’m proud of.

• To have a comfortable home.

• To have a safe home.

• To do as little housework as possible.

• To streamline processes.

• To always keep my closet neat.

• To de-clutter as needed.

• To paint an accent wall in the living room.

• To clean one spot each day in the kitchen that I usually miss.

Well, you get the picture!


* Tour model homes just for fun and to get ideas for decorating.

* Eliminate what’s not special to you in your rooms.

* Try shopping at thrift stores for items you need before you shop at furniture stores.

* Check out yard sales in the summer months.

* Create focal points in your rooms, such as a painting, pictures, plants or fireplaces.

Your outlook on life has a lot to do with your household. For instance, anyone who’s had depression or knows someone who has it realizes that their households suffer along with them. Baskets don’t get emptied, beds are not made, laundry doesn’t get done along with dishes in the sink and the curtains never get opened. Dismal. You get the picture!

If you’re an optimist, your house will probably be bright, cheery and clean.

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