Living Room Design

Living Room Design

Since you will be spending a lot of your time in the living room, whether by yourself or while you’re entertaining guests, it is important that the energy in this space is free-flowing as well as inviting. However, this is also one of the areas in an average home that people tend to pay the least attention to, thinking that a sofa, a few extra chairs and a big television are all that they really need.

To help you spruce up your living room while making sure it follows Feng Shui, here are a few decorating ideas that you might want to consider.

Move your main furniture pieces into the empowered position. Your bigger chairs and sofas should face the main entrance of your home, but make sure it isn’t completely aligned with it. In doing so, you’ll find that people will instinctively sit on the piece of furniture placed in this position. It also opens up the area for better interaction. What if you have limited space? This can be resolved by creating a faux. A tall screen, some plants or even a mirror could help with this. What you want to create is a way for people to see everything that is happening in front of them without worrying about what is behind them, hence the block.

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Disguise your television. The sight of it can be quite distracting and you would want that space to be a sanctuary for peace and calm. By covering it up, you’re more able to focus on other things within the area. Having a few blogs handy is certainly beneficial, even a music player would help you unwind. Make sure there are other, more creative things to do, whenever you’re in that room This would certainly help create a balance within and outside of you.

Incorporate the five elements in your decoration. Adding objects, patterns and colors from the natural world are also great additions to your living room If you have a monochromatic scheme or plain walls bordering the space, these are very useful for breaking that apart and adding more texture. Get inspired by the five elements, add bits and pieces of each in different areas of the room. Keep in mind that the key here is balance, so don’t add something that’s too big or bulky.

Add mirrors. Mirrors are not only useful for making a room appear much bigger; it is also one of the handiest tools when it comes to enhancing Feng Shui in a specific area in your room Make sure that it is positioned where it reflects either light or a beautiful view that you want to be seen wherever your guests may be in the living room.

Add live plants. Greens are great for improving the energy flow, as well as balancing the yin and the yang in a space. For aesthetic purposes, its color also relaxes the eyes and brings in a bit of the outside into your indoor space.

Always choose more neutral colors for your walls and bigger furniture. This would not only keep the space relaxing and calm, but also reflect natural light beautifully. Add your accent color in the details within your space such as the pillows, small decorations, rugs and so on.

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