Living Room Furniture Decoration

Living Room Furniture Decoration

Many versions of the canopy bed are seen in current bedroom decoration, both traditional and contemporary.

This bed is dramatized by a partial canopy and a valance suspended from a brass rod.

Strips of the matching fabric are mounted against the bedwall.

Closet doors and garment bags are made of the same print, which also appears as the bedspread.

Dressing area is provided by suspended shelf.

Walls panelled with indigo-colored felt establish the tailored style of handsome country French bedroom by Bloomingdale’s.

Tie-back draperies, similar to those at windows, suggest the division of room into library and sleeping areas. Bed’s canopy is a green and blue paisley fabric, while the spread is kelly green felt.

Wood floor is left bare except for shaggy blue accent rug.

Living Room Furniture Decoration_3.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_6.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_2.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_7.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_0.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_5.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_10.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_8.jpgLiving Room Furniture Decoration_14.jpg

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