Living Room Furniture Ideas For Apartments

Living Room Furniture Ideas For Apartments

This will be your master list. Use this for future planning, especially expensive or big items which will impact your budget. Take measurements and start planning.

As far as your time, do you have an event coming up which would require redecorating or purchases? Push this to the top of your list. Other items which would fix badly needed problem areas would be next on the list and any painting scheduled during vacations or weekends.

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Note: You don’t do your own painting? Wow, you’re missing an opportunity to save bundles of money. But then I love to paint! I play a favorite CD and just zone and daydream as I cover the walls with a favorite color. Some enterprising cheapskates invite their friends to a painting party with pizza and beer afterwards.

The next item to think about is style. Do you know what ‘style’ really is? Simple. Your style is unique to you, and will probably be a combination of other people’s designs and what you love.

Note: don’t ever buy anything you don’t absolutely love. If it’s “iffy” at first, you will probably hate it later! This is true of so many things. Clothes, appliances, paintings, jewelry, anything you spend your hard-earned money on. But, this especially applies to decorating items because you will be looking at them for a long, long time.

Take your list and prioritize with your budget and free time in mind. Then just cross off your items as you finish them. You can’t get anywhere without a game plan!

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