Living Room Ideas Decorating Pictures

Living Room Ideas Decorating Pictures

Handsome sitting room-bedroom (top left), is furnished in an elegant potpourri of period reproductions and contemporary designs.

Chair and ottoman, covered in quilted print, serves as comfortable chaise lounge, and in conjunction with open armchair, provides a living area within the large bedroom.

Note the use of unusual accessories such as elephant end table and screen under window in this setting designed by Celanese.

Long and narrow proportions of bedroom (left), suggested its decoration as two separate but related areas.

Beds are set against wall, while area around window is furnished as a comfortable sitting room and home office.

Print used for bedspread, cushions and draperies, unites the two separate areas.

Smooth, often glistening surfaces give a marvelously sleek style to modern bedroom from Bloomingdale’s. Polished steel gleams as the fourposter bed frame, desk and table bases, and chair frames. Modern blue and yellow stained-glass windows establish the bright color scheme. Other smooth textures are leather upholstery, rosewood furniture, waxed wood floor.

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