Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Living Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Freehand Painting

Freehand painting needs a modicum of confidence. You can either create your own motifs – trying them out on paper with coloured pencils or water-colour first – or you can copy designs that look manageable, in colours that will work with the rest of the room.

Begin by shameless plagiarism. Look around you for simple images that you like – a basket of vegetables from an Elizabethan painting, a bold and primitive bunch of flowers by Picasso – and trace it on to your chosen surface. Traditional painted folk-art motifs are also a good starting point for a beginner, because they are usually fairly simple, without pretension and unconcerned with perfection (138). You can enlarge the original with grids and squared paper, or on a photocopying machine.

Museums and antique fairs can be helpful in your search for authentic patterns; if possible, go armed with a camera a photograph makes an invaluable aide-memoire for the exact design, colours and degree of distressing in the original.

Rug hallucination This bright kelim is actually a bit of artistic licence on a stone floor. The red rectangle was painted first, followed by the cream design. Acrylics were used for speed, and the whole design is protected by coats of polyurethane varnish. incised into the paint using the pointed end of a paintbrush handle; and the doorframe was completed by roughly applying paint with a dry brush. colours and adapt the frame to border your beams, with perhaps just a pair of gothic initials and the date to signify your proud authorship. Or you may find glorious painted panelling with a saint or two on a patterned ground, surrounded by decorative medallions. Plagiarize the elements you want – the rosettes and diamonds of the background are probably more suitable for domestic interiors rather than the saints – and enclose them within a dark margin punctuated regularly by small gold flowers.

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