Living Room Ideas Small Apartment

Living Room Ideas Small Apartment

What you need is Decor Magic

D – Design. Pleasing to the eye, plus functional.

E – Effortless style. This is a casual elegant look.

C – Comfortable living spaces.

0 – Organized in every way.

R – Re-do to fit your style needs and wants.

M – Minimal housework.

A – Agreed that everyone in the house cooperates.

G – Go, take charge, then relax and enjoy your life.

1 – In sync with today’s styles.

C – Cohesive look to your decorating.

So what this boils down to is your own listing of goals. Only you know what you want. When you write down your goals, be specific.

Go through each room in your house carrying a pad and pencil and ask yourself these questions: What is not functional in this space? What is or is not working? What do you use the space for? Is there a major item needed, such as a sofa or appliance? What furniture is necessary? What needs fixing? Does the furniture need rearranging?

Peruse the room. What do you like about it? What do you dislike? How does the foot traffic flow, is it smooth or clumsy? Who uses the room? Do you like the wall color? What bothers you about this room daily? Think outside the box. Can it be fixed in some unusual ways? (Thinking about some folks who put their bed in the middle of the room because of the layout or maybe they just like it that way!)

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