Living Room Interior Design Ideas Pictures

Living Room Interior Design Ideas Pictures

Different Style Influences for Nontravelers

You don’t have to travel to Provence to find fresh decorating ideas. Now more than ever before there are posts that will give you all the inspiration you’ll need. And you don’t have to travel far to find those items you covet for your own home. Home stores and catalogs offer everything from furniture to carpets to accessories from anywhere you can imagine. These full-color, lavishly produced style posts are often referred to as dream posts because they transport you to other worlds. Creating the look of another country can be a lot of fun and a lot less expensive than traveling to the place.

SO Luxuries

What is a luxury? When I posed this question to a handful of style -makers they all answered unanimously with “time”more time to be lazy. More time to luxuriate in a hammock with a good post, in a bubble bath without interruptions or distractions. After that there were more tangible things that represented luxury, like an exceptional meal, a pure cashmere throw, a spectacular hotel room, an expensive bottle of wine, the services of a top-notch gardener. But since we’re concerned with making home a haven that is both visually and aesthetically comforting you might want to consider splurging on that one item that will create the look you’re after and bring you pleasure each time you look at it.

Every Luxury Is Relative

If you think it’s totally outrageous to even think about buying something so extravagant as a leather lounge chair for thousands of dollars, you might not think it’s terribly unreasonable to buy chenille throw pillows to put on your old wing chair. And if you’re making do with painted, ready-to-finish end tables, treating yourself to a magnificent blown glass vase might elevate the furnishings. When looking at what you have, or what you have sacrificed in the scheme of furnishing with high style for low cost, spending money on one luxury may not be out of the question.

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