Living Room Photos Decorating Ideas

Living Room Photos Decorating Ideas


Privacy, that most important ingredient of an enjoyable meal, is often hard to come by when the dining area opens onto the main living room, or is off a hall or foyer. But the illusion of privacy and serenity can be accomplished through decoration, and, as in the setting left, by the use of a beaded room divider. These lightweight beads, sold by the foot in twenty-five colors, can be cut to any length and can be strung to completely or partially separate the dining arrangement from the adjacent area or areas.

Open-plan dining areas have brought the circle back. Often, in these plans, a round table is the most suitable shape, one that sets itself off naturally as a decorative entity. Four-foot dining table (right), by Harvey Prob-ber expands to seat more when needed. The apron conceals a mechanism which enables the top to open for extension leaves cantilevering outwards without need to move the base.

Use of round accent rug underscores the shape of the setting. Note contrast of ebony mahogany and teak finishes on chairs, table and long buffet.

Handsome Queen Anne chairs lend stature and dignity to a lighthearted setting in which an oversized daisy print is starred. Print appears as skirted tablecloth, as wallpaper and in the cornice of the handsome wood window frames.

For informal seating, the shallow bay area under the window is fitted with a chartreuse window seat cushion which restates the dominant color of the print. Setting by Tom Woods, A.I.D.

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