Living Room Wall Paint Ideas

Living Room Wall Paint Ideas
Poor coverage
This is most likely to show when you are applying a light colour over a dark base.
Streaky flashes of the base colour will appear under the top coat. Apply further coats of paint, until you have a solid top colour.
Cleaning equipment
Cleaning your equipment after you have finished painting will significantly prolong its life. Brushes, rollers and pads that have been used with emulsion or other water-based paints should be rinsed with cold water to remove excess paint, paying particular attention to the base of the bristles, and then washed in a weak solution of warm water and detergent to remove the residue.
Equipment used for oil-based paint or varnish should be cleaned with turpentine, white spirit or a proprietary cleaner, ensuring that it is worked well into the bristles or pile. When all the paint has been removed, all equipment should be rinsed thoroughly in warm water and shaken vigorously to remove the excess.
To keep their shape, brushes can be wrapped in clean paper towels fixed with masking tape. Hang up brushes and rollers, and place pads face-up to maintain the pile, and your equipment should last you for years.

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