Living Rooms Decor Ideas

Living Rooms Decor Ideas

So, let’s get started. The most important goal I can think of relating to decorating is not paint, carpet, or new appliances, but rather to have a home you’re comfortable in and proud of.

How many times have you chastised yourself when people arrived at your door unexpectedly and your house is a total mess? (Been there done that!!) It’s embarrassing and unnecessary. You also might put off having that party for years because you don’t have proper seating, dishes, not to mention the mold growing in the bathroom. Yuck.

The second goal might be to do as little housework as possible and still have your house look great. (I can hear you saying, huh?) Yes, streamlining your processes can have your home spotless in no time. I mean, who loves housework anyway?

And I know goal number three is near and dear to lots of hearts: clutter control!! There are a bazillion blogs out there about de-cluttering, but it’s really simpler than people think. I’m devoting a chapter to it.

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