Living Rooms Design

Living Rooms Design

Second, you may need to skip a few T.V. shows. Yes, I really mean it. Think about the time you spend in front of the boob-tube every day. Yes, I know you need to relax, but come on, we all watch too much T.V., it’s the American way. Cutting out some shows will free up an amazing amount of precious time, at least one hour a day.

Third, you’ll need to part with a tiny bit of money. There, I said it, and I’m glad. Luckily you won’t need to part with too much of it. We’ll budget together on this home project.

Fourth, you’ll need to give up indecision. Hey, in life we have a bunch of choices to make and some folks are so bad about deciding things, they live in pigpen squalor simply because they can’t decide what color to paint the bedroom or which type of carpet to have installed or when to take out the garbage.

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Fifth, you need to part with your packrat ways. Most of what you’re saving, because you might need it someday, is simply junk. “Packrat-itis” is insidious, and it can thwart the most ambitious decorating schemes. Ever visit new model homes? Obviously, they want you to buy one of their homes. But, part of what makes these models so desirable and attractive is lack of clutter! There are no dirty clothes all over the floor, or dishes in the sink or ratty old recliners.

One thing I would like you to take from this blog, one thought, is: you deserve a beautiful home. Yes, nothing should hold you back from having the lovely home you’ve always wanted. No, you’re not too busy. No, the kids won’t wreck it if you lay down the ground rules. No, you really do have enough energy to devote to this redecorating. Yes, you can do this even if you live in a rental. Make it a priority in your life. Then you can sit back and enjoy!

I’ve separated the chapters of this blog in a room-by-room trip through your house. At the end of each chapter I’ve added an “Ideas” section. This section will contain money saving ideas as well as unusual decorating tips.

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