Living Rooms From Portland

Living Rooms From Portland

Got the Blues?

Many people carry swatches of their fabric with them. Others carry paint samples. This is an excellent idea when shopping for home accessories. For example, blue is probably the most popular home decor color. However, there are many different hues and shades of blue and it’s extremely difficult to remember colors. Also, when shopping for a pillow you might find one in a shade of blue and think it will go well with the other blue colors in the room. But not all blues work well together.

The blue fabrics that I bought in Provence have a little bit of purple in them and the blues are closest to periwinkle. Then there is hydrangea blue which also has some purple tones. But there are true blues and pale blues and iris and morning glory and an enormous variety of other shades. When in doubt it’s much better to introduce another, complementary color like yellow or green, rather than try to match blues. However, it can be incredibly interesting to mix different patterns of blue prints in a pile of pillows on a sofa. Or, mix dark and light blue shades throughout the house. Used in this way the difference in blue colors is not so crucial and in fact can be quite interesting.

SO Warm to White

Most decorators I know live in neutral rooms. This is because they often work with color and patterns all day and need the comfort that a monochromatic room offers. However, a white room doesn’t have to be as stark as a hospital room. In fact, shades of white combined with natural textures can be warm and inviting and at the same time very serene. If you want a high-style look for minimal cost, painting everything white is the best way to start.

White Is Stylish

An all-white color scheme works in any style home; modem, traditional, even historic. Interior designer Vincente Wolfe says,

“Shades of white make a home gracious and restrained, restful and open, elegant and comfortable.”

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