Living Rooms Pictures

Living Rooms Pictures

You must be at least a little bit ‘thrifty’ or you wouldn’t have picked this blog to read!! So we have that in common. I mean, there are things I don’t scrimp on, like dental visits or medications just to mention a few. But when it comes to decorating, I am a true cheapskate.

Part of my thrifty nature comes from the thrill of the hunt. There’s nothing that pleases me more than to find an item I need for the house for one-half or one-third the retail price. Face it, wouldn’t you rather have a diamond ring or a snazzy coat because you didn’t pay full price for items in your house and you have extra money now? And still have your house looking great? Yep, that’s us…just you and me. You have the will and I’ll show you the way. So, let’s get started!!

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I’ve always been under the impression that to have whatever you want in life, you need to give up something else.

Think about that. If you want to lose weight, you give up fattening food. If you want to save money, you give up irrational spending habits. So this sets the stage. Ok, so what do you give up to have a beautiful home?

First, you give up procrastination. (In a hurry? Oh maybe you’ll just pick up that pile of clothes later or put off the laundry for one more day.) Hey, no excuses allowed. You will need some time to devote to this project of beautifying your house. It won’t happen overnight and you’ll need to put some energy into it. Write it on your calendar and schedule it the same way you would an important appointment.

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