ABOVE AND LEFT: The details that Mercedes has added makes all the difference. Note the small nicks on the table, the rustic fireplace with delicate patterned tiles, the trim on the arm chair, and the distressed finishes on the furniture.

Vintage sheet music stars completed the simple tree decor.

I always look for real-size Christmas decorations that can be used in the doll’s house. Sometimes you can find tiny decorations that are easily adaptable. The angel by the front door was a small real decoration, as was the little tree shape by the joy sign inside. I just painted the tree shape to look rusty. There can never be too much rust in a country house!

I was lucky enough to do an advent calendar swap with Susanna Tunturi-Anttila who lives in Finland. We made each other twenty-five mini gifts, one package to be opened each day in

ABOVE AND RIGHT: This sunny porch has a happy and festive spirit!

December until Christmas. Susanna made all the little boxed and bagged decorations under the tree and the fabulous wreath on the table.

Years ago I used to make and sell real size country Christmas decorations at craft fairs. While my own decor is no longer country style, I still love the look. Decorating the doll’s house in that style means I can still have a little bit of country in my lifelfijw.


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