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Purchasing the land turned out to be the easy part. The Smiths quickly discovered that building a structure on the acre lot that dropped thirty’ feet to the lake would not be simple. To tackle die challenge, they enlisted their architect son, Reid Smith.

Reid soon determined the site would definitely dictatc the design. “Ill order to maintain the privacy and views, wc needed to place the house high up and hunker it into the hillside,’ he says.

A contemporary structure with clean lines was the only way to establish optimal view corridors, Reid maintained. “Traditional cabins tend to be introverted, so I pushed early on not to go rustic, but my parents were a little apprehensive at first.”

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Clerestory windows lead the eye up and out to views of the tree canopy. They also open to aid with ventilation.

The rectangular vessel sink and faucet are part of the guest bathroom’s contemporary flair.

The cabin lives beyond Its 1.100 square feet due to the easy flow between the indoor living area and deck.


For Mike, who grew up in southern California, it was hard to let go of the idea of a little cabin in the woods. “From a conceptual standpoint, I envisioned something more rustic,” he admits.

Rur Linda whose childhood in Minnesota included annual summer forays to the primitive family cabin and swimming in Lake Superior loved the idea of floating above it all in a modern glass rree house. “My parents and grandparents had these really spare cabins w’ith outhouses and no electricity’. I have lots of wonderful memories from that time, but I was happy to go with something more contemporary and convenient for our retreat, she says.

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