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Because both Josh and Britton are self-employed (Josh is a creative director/graphic designer and Britton is a market strategy consultant), they have the freedom to work remotely. Therefore, die couple spends much of their summers at the cabin.

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“I might look up from my laptop and spot a mother deer and her fawn just across the creek,” says Britton. “It sure beats the view from an office!”

Josh and Britton also see wild turkey, cheeping ducklings, and baby raccoons scouring the creek bed for crayfish and worms. One early morning, Britton peered out the window to find a bobcat sharpening its claws 011 a redwood tree. Startling, yes, but it’s the swooping egrets that most often catch the owners by surprise.

“I’ll be on the sofa and out of the corner of my eye, it looks like a white missile has flown by,” says Britton.


Hie couple says that those who visit the original cabin are stunned when they see the revised masterpiece.

“They step into the living room and fall silent,” says Josh, who thinks the reason it’s so impressive is because the window’s frame glorifies the landscape.

“It’s funny,” Britton says, “because the view can feel more impressive from the inside looking out than when you’re actually standing outside amid nature!”

Inside or outside, winter or summer, rain or shine, this revamped creekside cabin is just what the owners had wanted an intimate sanctuary.

“From my point of view, says Britton, “this place is magical.”

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