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The treasured cabin, now named “Farfar Saiga, which translates from Swedish as Grandfather’s Cottage (or literally, Fathers-Fathers Cottage), is by no means a museum. Greg and Joy lived in the cabin for an entire year while their farmhouse was

The owner takes one of her grandsons for a carriage ride remodeled. “We were quire comfortable, he says. Unlike their ancestors, the couple enjoyed modern conveniences like in-floor radiant heat and a wood-burning Scan stove from Denmark.

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The cottage’s primary function, however, is to house overnight visitors. “It’s a guesthouse and also a place to entertain,’’ says Greg. Part of the experience is the cabin’s history “Over the past six years, it seems that all of the guests we have entertained always want a ‘tour of the cabin and a summary of its history.”

And the extended family also recently held Greg’s mother’s birthday at the cabin. The celebration gathered many around favorite foods, including traditional rye bread made from her recipe.

But the best part of Farfar Stuga seems to be the couples enjoyment of their adult children and grandchildren, whose names are stenciled high along the living room’s walls between ceiling beams.

The young, blond boys enjoy gathering eggs from the farm chickens and, in the summer, pulling in the family’s lobster traps from the bay with their grandfather. The Johnsons have a recreational license for lobstering. And how about the end result, come dinnertime? Greg, true to his Maine roots, proudly reports: “We have preparing [lobster] down to a science.”

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