Look Up: Decorating Above the Kitchen Cabinets

There are several aspects of kitchen design. Do you want a modern kitchen or one that reflects traditional farm living? The overall theme and décor of your kitchen will depend on your own style as well as the décor in the rest of your home. One of the more neglected parts of your kitchen is the space above your cabinets.

More than just sitting room for dust bunnies, the space above your kitchen cabinets provides ample room for décor. From signs to baskets and knick-knacks, simply look up and clean up those dust bunnies to make room for accents in your kitchen that will truly bring out your personal style in the kitchen.
If your kitchen has a country charm or a rustic farm theme, there are a few things to place on top of your cabinets. Signs that read ‘home-grown,’ ‘organic,’ or even simply ‘country kitchen’ will be the perfect addition to this theme. Add a metal watering can (think unique and vintage) and baskets of sunflowers for that rustic touch.

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In a more modern kitchen setup, theorganization is key, especially if your kitchen is not sizable. With the help of baskets, you can keep anything you’d like in the space above your kitchen cabinets. From spare silverware to dried food, utilize this space as much as you can. You can also place larger appliances up there, such as a mixer or a crockpot. Just be careful when you take them down.

If you have breakable items in your kitchen that you’d like to keep safe from pets or kids, the space above the cabinets in your kitchen is the ideal space. When you take them down, you’ll need to be extra careful, but in the meantime, these sensitive items are kept safe. Another great organizational tip to place your plants above your kitchen cabinets. As long as there is room and your kitchen is well-lit, this will free up theroom while allowing you to still keep your plants well.

Regardless of the theme in your kitchen or its size, one fun project for any homeowner is to place letters in the space above the kitchen cabinet. Letters can be lit up, made of wood or plastic, and spell out anything from your family’s last name to ‘eat’ and ‘organic.’ It is a highly customizable project that fits any kitchen well. Regardless of what you keep above your cabinets, you can contact a custom cabinet maker to make sure that this ingenious storage space looks as good inside as above.

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