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Little accents go a long way.

Bring out the red-colored cutlery you’ve been saving for Christmas. Small pots of herbs also enhance the setup. For a cozy touch, light up some candles in the room or string up some fairy lights around the garden. These immediately inject some party spirit in your home, while still keeping that warm holiday glow.


There’s nothing like some smashing music to set the party atmosphere. Create a set of playlists in advance, so you can play up the mood once the guests come in. This can follow certain themes, like dance hits or well-loved Christmas songs (or even a mix of these!) Just turn up the speakers and you’re all set.


Flavorful dish ideas, perhaps. In this season of festivities, it pays to have delightful recipes that you can prepare in a jiffy. With its large family of blends and spices, McCormick lets you whip up celebratory dishes even when you’re pressed for time. Put together an Asian-inspired menu with sumptuous Soy Garlic Chicken paired with Nasi Lemak Rice. McCormick’s Korean Fried Chicken and Rice Cookers Recipe Mixes will let you master the dishes.

To get wonderful recipes, check out McCormick Flavor Nation Bites webisodes. The online show presents special dishes you can try at home, as well as gives cooking tips to liven up the flavor. The meals you serve will surely be the centerpiece of your table.

As you take in the flavorful dishes, good music, and cozy setting, relish the time spent with your loved ones. Share sweet tales to warm both the heart and soul. Catch up on the juicy stories you’ve had for the year. After all, what’s a Christmas gathering without a little flavorite.

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