Luxury Home Designs Ideas

Luxury Home Designs Ideas


Collect memorabilia for the ultimate scrappost screen – photographs, certificates, letters, pictures from magazines, wrapping paper, postcards, menus, tickets and theatre programmes. Sheet music is strongly graphic. Cut out as many images as you need. Plan the background colour of the screen so that it sets off the motifs and sand down the surface for an antique look.

Stick on the cut-outs with wallpaper paste, composing as you go. For the final finish, apply several layers of satin varnish over the entire screen. Stroke on the varnish, working in one direction and making sure that each layer is dry before putting on the next, so that the final surface is perfectly smooth. You could also add a few three-dimensional finishing touches, like ribbons or rosettes.

Painted Furniture

A GREAT DEAL OF THE CHARM of antique furniture lies in the loving care that previous owners have expended on it. Nowhere is this more apparent than in painted furniture – colours and designs carefully chosen, and affection in every curlicue and wobble of the brush. The flowers, the exuberant borders, the bold strokes of Scandinavian rosemalen -or “rose painting” – all hark back to the years when there was time for decoration. There was no factory creating millions of identical artefacts – everything possible was made at home out of the materials to hand, and lovingly carved and painted and polished.

In those days there was not the feeling that every activity had to be cost-effective, and that approach is precisely the spirit of the country look.

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