Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas
Welcome to the heart of Los Angeles where dreams are known to come true except in the case of Arlene an over snitchin Wow that’s why her husband is surprising her with a space she’s always wanted come on in but with only five days, we’re gonna be down to the wire on this one. And unwelcome surprises at every turn oh you mean, I like it it’s a challenge to create a functional kitchen we can move it truly fit for a gourmet spatially but Flo what’s the alternative but with the knowledge of fellow LA chef Eric Greenspan those are they’re like butter always food with you in it. And my design expertise you’ll have to redo the plumbing. And electrical, I know right there everyone pulls together you guys whatever manly macho construction stuff you want to fix this kitchen you today, we’re in Los Angeles and, we’re the MoMA partly Arlie inspires others. And your own kitchen you know inspiration at Darlene’s gonna be here in a couple hours. And we got a lot of work to do okay. I’m good you ready presentable dish we’ve got five days to do this kitchen not a lot of time. So come on in welcome to our disaster of a kitchen here Wow by nominated Arlene kitchen makeover. Because, I love her. And I appreciate everything she does for myself. And our kids, I wanted to have a kitchen she’s happy with tapenade.

And hot all right probably not. Because look there’s the numbers have faded. I’ll see you rod storage is an issue here she doesn’t know where to put anything. So just cheap filthy shelves herself she painted her yellow she hates the color yellow that might be a whole different story we don’t have enough countertop space there’s not enough prep area for her to cook their family for we have just this one power strip for all of the appliances this is the bane of Arlene’s existence right here this is demonstration of what it’s like it’s dinnertime around here. So say David can you help try to find a colander. I’ll see. I’ll give it a shot. So it’s like here all right well here here we go nobody who feels like cooking still hey stop it it’s the worst it’s just bringing the fact that it’s the chef’s kitchen it’s like serious thousand feet it’s got to be. So frustrating for her to work in a kitchen like this. And more portly she’s not just a chef she’s a chef instructor she likes to give all of her dollars to people, I didn’t have a kitchen like this. But I hear all she’s doing is pushing being loud you know she’s always hated this kitchen she hated heavy people over there have been friends that have offered to have her teach a class celebrate. And invited some people over five days from now she’s in teach them how to color that’s very cool nothing like a little pressure yeah all right. I’m confident the class will go off although at this moment, I know how it’s done. But I think that it will well David, I gotta tell ya Jeff. And I we’ve been working for the last two weeks to transform this kitchen. And you are not going to recognize it by just open all of this up. So now it’s not like a room with pot doors right but ago Joe she’s gonna be here in like a couple hours right we want to have this place to meet get a hell yeah beautiful yeah beautiful. And we’ll leave one thing for her to take down. So though you didn’t get in yes, I bought the yellow shelf. Because, I know she hates yellow in the kitchen. So let’s let her step up to the plate take that one on the self thank you. I’m excited let’s go let’s break this up this exercise haha wait wait hey guys quick yeah Nicole yeah put this out with something here what is it, I believe this is the mechanical system is the air that comes from the base into the second thing activates the camera okay. So we have to implement this into the design.

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So now, I have to reconfigure some of the cabin layout to figure out if we can keep this column what we’ll do with it it’s definitely something that, I wasn’t planning on am, I gonna figure out how to fix it absolutely it’s a wrench from the day okay guys. So, we’re going to take out this ball. And that ball open all this up. I’m gonna give you the run-through right. So along the sink wall, we’re centering this sink between the two windows she’s gonna get a dishwasher for more counter space. And then the wall adjacent, we’re gonna add a peninsula which will have a cooktop. And an oven underneath that’s crazy. And then on this back wall where other cabinetry used to be. And the entrance into the laundry room, we’re now going to build a custom built-in buffet. And then on the wall that your oven used to be huh that is now going to be appliance central. So we’ll have the refrigerator we’ll have a second oven a microwave. And a full pull out pantry yes that’s unbelievable guys she’s here all this planning you’re doing. So long. And now it’s here, I don’t know how she’s gonna react come on in if you recall, I nominated you crickets makeover couple months ago well you kind of won okay well come on come check it out go on in just walk in. And I know this guy yeah. So, we’re sending you to a hotel to stay for five days. And when you come back you’re going to have a completely brand new kitchen IKEA that’s crazy, I don’t do anything for five days well you won’t be here yeah that’s for sure wow that’s crazy we do need your help with one little thing kameena now there’s another issue. Because we are unable for this column are often stuffed smaller she doesn’t like the only kitchen. And getting really nervous. Because decisions are being made elderly what if we took back oh you know like it what’s over Wow that, I saw the solution for this call right right since it’s here we can’t move it. I’m just gonna put another packet to build a space. And we just have more counters done okay go away yeah oh there’s an older issue. Because we are unable to move this column right our opening got smaller can fit through it Oh No okay. So right. Because we have this entire wall is the refrigerator pantry. And oven. And that comes out inches right inches we have inches from this corner here. So that would mean this is actually could not fit in the kitchen no, I barely could even fit it right okay all right all right um. Because our our built-in dark cabinet that’s on that wall we had mirroring the fireplace that’s only inches deep right. So what if we took that.

And put it on this wall. And then took the oven microwave pantry ball. And refrigerator. And put it on that wall. And you’ll get inches. So by doing exactly oh you don’t like it, I mean it fits spatially but but of the flow of how to work with the kitchen. And what you’ve got dishwashing come back here. And those cabinets with the plates she did it’s. So much harder to load up. And end up food it’s a honestly. I’m not quite sure why chef isn’t on board with my idea what’s the alternative, I have to see work but look it’s a space it’s a space problem first for me yeah. I’m gonna pick up the best tones. And the best palettes top of Shack, I know layouts, I know motion in a kitchen when, I see it record on concern. I’m not a chef. But I am a designer. And I know what. I’m doing this is what. I’ll do. I’ll get on the planner. I’ll create the d rendering we’ll look at it. And we’ll see. And we’ll compare to what it what it looks like how it was before to what it is on this wall you guys do whatever manly macho construction stuff you want okay guess whose kitchen’s here yeah. And of it yes it is not just get wanna get to it to ovens to up talking about this is what, I hear it’s one that’s coming not underneath the rain for the one’s gonna be on this bad boy. So the great thing about this fan of the pac-man regulates the key. So the heat is even Wow Arlene’s my love this is great thank you Hey these are all of your cabinet doors door style Wow yeah she’s gonna love white right what you get you get along with white in the kitchen, I know that, I know that much then we have accents of this dark brown color okay. And then we have the countertop. And this morning. So this is the same tone it’s gonna be the countertop on the floor that’s gonna be great pretty good right, I love that yeah. And then we have your hardware okay. So this has a more of a modern feel to be great not beautiful yeah no this will be your backpack which picks up all the one tones in the room open this is all recycled glass, I guess. I’m a little bit concerned about the white. And brown combination Vegas. I’m wondering a little bit as there was brown in the kitchen last time right which, I just wonder if it’s gonna remind her of that at all. So just kind of crossing my mind, I think, we’re on. I’m not sure couple understands how much we were traumatized by that old kitchen. And that deep Brown cabinets remind me of it, I am completely confident that Arlene is going to love Marnie. And roll how you doing yeah. So, I went last night on to the IKEA planner.

And just reconfigure the layout. Because we needed that bigger opening. So all, I did is, I just flip-flopped your appliance now. And your fa. And that’s it’s just right right now using the same cabinets just switch and. I’m breathing awesome right and. So you’ll have to redo the plumbing. And electrical, I know right there but is that okay all right good we’ll put together here is a pencil we have your first remedy little box box oh those either like butter always food with you as it looks kind of wanna do yeah nice there you go got some pantry rage look at all these slidable drawers totally adjustable with these bars but these are stacked on top. Because old hours we gotta fix this kitchen she clap all right. I’m gonna talk color with you okay yeah I’ve been curious about this. So, I have three tones that. I’m picking up all of these pick up the tones from the backsplash this is like a really pretty kind of green slate yeah picks up the tones the other color is lighter. And a little bit more neutral uh-huh. And then there is this color which is a nice yellow not really yellow but it was a warm cream, I have to admit like you said yellow. And it’s a little bit like a buzzword for me. Because, I know Wallis, I know she’s kind of maybe against the grain she doesn’t like y’all in the kitchen you know what, I also have a ton of paint chips I’d like to keep it in this family but honestly. I’ll make the decision. And I know what. So. I’m seeing more. And more kitchen being finished. I’m getting really nervous. Because decisions are being made without earlier coming up let’s finish working the guns Oh you alright let’s take five. And things look good, I look great Trampas the details haven’t grouted the finished work hasn’t been done some pain isn’t even done. So yeah, we’re gonna be, we’re gonna be done, I am a little anxious though. Because, we’re having guests come over they’re gonna be having a cooking class in it, I want to be a fun experience for everybody but the plan changed we had to move the appliances. And the cabinetry, I wasn’t feeling, I was real worried about flow it’s another two there. And I see everything in its place got a handle on this bad boy oh yeah this little bit that. I’m gonna before natchok microwave let’s take the cabinet yeah but we can put that in we’ve got it right here if you want to take care of that, I want to ask you one time should you what do you think of the pink line you know what it’s gorgeous it works really well to call high, I never doubted you, I don’t never not you know its largest it’s great. So. I’m gonna grab you. And we can finish grouting the tile yeah right. I’ll take out the drawer. I’m gonna head over to Ikea pick up some stuff for the class, I should come with you yeah cuz it’s getting late mm-hmm accessories you want to come with us you want to keep grouting.

I’ll come with you guys as much fun as this is. I’ll come with you guys all right tell you what, I think over all right thank you very often, I totally will be back soon Oh times tickin she’s gonna be home soon. So why don’t you guys go get the bait accessories and. I’ll take care of this kitchen perfect all right, I want to find a basket for her. So that she can put fresh herbs in a cutting board stop. I’ll see what getting these teddy works in class that were a little cutting boards that everybody can get the cut kind of prep their own stuff. And then boom they just stack up carry away tuck this corner nobody sees those awesome perfect think about these. So, I love these pictures. Because what it’s kitchens gonna be real easy cooking boss last up again nice for knives different stuff, I think, we’re good you think, we’re good, I know she’s arriving momentarily I’m. So excited she looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see it. I’m a little bit nervous. Because she hasn’t seen it at all since it was demolished the thought of Arlene walking through. And seeing that kitchen is just, I can’t wait, I am. So excited for her to see this kitchen. I’m even more excited for her to cook in this kitchen this way please ready yeah is amazing, I really can’t believe it, I really constructed to work, I know.

I’m really demand. And love. And we opened it up over here yes. And I love this, I love this is like. So like usable and. So it’s all like hey what you doing over there let me cook you something. And let me go get the door and. I’m actually jealous that you have my professional spray you know when your restaurant you know or at the school you watch this easy it’s like right totally off. And you know like you know this is how we clean now we can be like moving down the whole floor, I love this farm thing. And I just can’t believe you put everything that, I wanted. And it all fits good no more like any over trying to pick up a pound turkey out of well this right here objection this is all, I can tell ya, I didn’t know this right here’s your mic. I’m looking for the corner up dude well you be that one this was the corner oh look at this you know, I had friends. And had these. I’m like all of those this is the what you do with the corner space, I didn’t know that, I can Google cabinetry right there. And it just makes sense this whole bank of cabinetry more storage you know seeing this beautiful. And then just knowing that, we’re going to it’s just amazing really now that we’ve remodeled your kitchen we had it appraised. And your home is now worth percent more than it was five days ago that’s awesome amazing right awesome unbelievable really that’s not as if like the kitchen remodel wasn’t enough like to get value it’s sweet here’s to good friends good food. And great kitchens don’t drink too much you had a class to teach that looks supremely edible.

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