Hi, everyone. My name is Kelsey and we are and we are here to bring you a pretty interesting DIY. This is inspired from Miley Cyrus herself. Her brand-new Malibu music post has a pretty exciting prop in it.

Yeah, we are making a balloon stick I know you might be like oh, that’s obvious But I feel like I think it will help you out if you want to try this out And it might be something you might Not have thought of making until you saw someone make it and you’re like that’s a good idea, not bad I could do that. So we have a couple of things here, obviously you’re going to need some balloons We looked at her color Scheme. We went with 45 balloons She might have a little bit more, but 45 is way more manageable So some of the colors that we’ve chosen here are this Transparent white, we have yellow (she has a lot of yellow), five of these darker pink, eight of the lighter pink, four of the green, two of the dark purple, two of the orange, and four of the turquoise. Now these aren’t like spot on with her This is what we could find at our balloon store, but we think these colors are going to look really good together So it ended up being cheaper to buy a whole pack versus buying a couple, but if you want to make a smaller one then just pick out some single ones And then the next thing, of course, you will need is a giant stick We went outside to our local forest area and looked for a tree that was dead. Obviously don’t cut down a living tree. Please don’t kill the trees and we were lucky enough to find this massive stick here And then if you guys saw on our post blog, we had to like chop it up a bit We used a circle saw and a handsaw to make it the right size. And if you’re fresh out of sticks, I’m sure a wooden dowel from the hardware store would totally do the trick as well.


Oh yeah, especially if you painted it a color. Yeah, definitely. Okay, so something you have to think about is when you get all these balloons blown up, how are you going to transport them? So, we couldn’t get them filled at the balloon store because 50 balloons in a car plus the stick – all of that is probably not going to work, so Our next option was getting a helium tank and actually, if you’re blowing up a lot of balloons, this can be a cheaper route anyways so, we picked up this helium tank from our party store, and now we can blow up the balloons on our own and Transport them after the fact. Yes, and we’re going to blow them up on the beach when we’re ready to do our Miley photoshoot – but we’re going to give you a quick rundown on how to work this guy in a sec, and our balloons also came with this string. . . string it’s ribbon? It’s ribbon. Our balloon kit also came with this ribbon So that we can tie our balloons because you would need this anyways But luckily we realized that it comes with it. So now it is time to figure out how to blow all these balloons up. So I’ve never used one of these helium tanks before. Have you? I mean it looks pretty simple.

No, I haven’t. So we saw that you turn the top nozzle four times which way? I forget already. Lefty loosey? Oh my goodness. Oh my God. Can you try? Oh, you got it. Yeah. Broke a nail.

One, two, three, four Stick a balloon on Okay, and then I think we squeeze it. Oh, the disappointment is real. *realization* [Okay, I have to bend it.] Here’s the tricky part now. Squeeze the top. Okay, okay. We did it! Just don’t let go.

That’s true. Tie it below the knot. How many of these do we have to do? 48. No 44 more. 44 more? So now tie that to something, so it doesn’t go. True. We’re actually going to tie it to our stick because just like that, we are at the beach.

Now, Just tie your balloons to the stick and trim any loose ends as you go. The key with Miley’s balloon Is that it was very full towards the top while the balloons got tighter to the stick towards the bottom and even a little sparse at the very end. Make sure that you leave some stick showing, and you’re all done! Hope you guys liked our rendition of Miley’s ballon stick. It turned out super cute And I’m sad I didn’t have more reasons to use it. Yeah, right? Let us know in the comments below What you would use this for if there’s like a super special event And we’ll pin the best one the best answer. Before we let you guys go, we want to announce something super exciting! We posted a series with [Makeful and CBC Life], and it’s called The Drill Down and it’s pretty awesome, and we’re so excited for you guys to see it. So we know that working with power tools can be super super Intimidating so we posted a couple of really easy DIYs with power tools to get you into working with them.

They’re so fun I guarantee you are going to love them and here is a quick clip of our first episode where we make picture frames [Oh yeah!] 45-degree angle cut, it’s perfect! That’s why we used the miter saw. You got it! We’re gonna lay this guy flat, so it dries nice and even. And leave it to dry! Make sure you guys click the link in the description below to watch the full episode and there will be a couple more episodes too. Six total that you can check out. Thank you so much for checking out this post with us today And if you guys liked it, make sure that you give it a like, and if you love it Please give it a sub. And we will see you next time! Bye! Oh no! [bleep].

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