Master Bedroom Headboard Laminates

The bay window seats by each side of the room were given an upgrade. One was bolstered with cushions for the couple to relax and enjoy a view of the outdoors, while shelves were added to the one that sits by the vanity area.

MASTER BEDROOM HEADBOARD (above) A picket fence-inspired headboard was built in the master bedroom to reference a garden-like ambience.

sight – both units compact in design and equally functional. By its side, the television console feature stands out with a style that’s inspired by herringbone’s zig-zag pattern – a fresh alternative to the ubiquitous subway tile.

Master Bedroom Headboard Laminates Photo Gallery

All white might be bright, but it lacked life – which was why Raymond suggested adding colour to bring cheer into the home. Punctuating the space in small doses, bright blue – Scandinavia’s favourite accent hue – contrasts brilliantly against the stark minimalism of the interior without swaying away from the style’s monochromatic appeal.

Master Bedroom Headboard Laminates

Case in point, the dining area that’s illuminated by a pendant light in a gorgeous turquoise. Raymond wanted to inject a touch of humour into Scandinavian’s studied seriousness – so instead of playing safe, the interior designer decked the space with mismatched chairs. Although they might not appear exactly identical, those wooden tipped legs ensured a cohesive look that stayed on track with the abode’s overall aesthetics.

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