Methods To Organizing Your Home

Methods To Organizing Your Home

When it comes to cleaning your home while following Feng Shui, there are a few things you need to consider and prioritize. Not only would doing so make the work much easier to accomplish, it would also leave you with a more peaceful and harmonious space after. So, shall we get straight to it?

Flow. First off, the flow of a space is important. There needs to be a direct path through which the energy can pass. In order to achieve this, here are a few simple tips.

Stand in the middle of your living room and start looking around. Are you making full use of the space or does it appear smaller because of the furniture in it? If there are pieces that you can remove, do it. Creating a wider space where the eye can easily see everything would be the best layout for this area. Instead of bulky storage, opt for something more compact and low.

Are there tangled wires from all the electronics? Untangle them and make sure they stay in place by using plastic clasps. You can also opt to use a wiring tube, which would keep everything organized and hidden from view.

Clarity. When getting organized, this is also something that you must keep in mind. Everything should have its own place and you should be able to easily find the things that you need. To do that:

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