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Not wanting to impinge on the memories or character of this small but special cabin, Jett and Lindsay retained numerous iconic elements.

The blend of old and new woodwork continues the ties to the great Northwoods setting.

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All interior walls and ceiling coverings are cedar to match the original paneling. The original pine floors were not refinished at all. The)’ are well worn and a nod to howf well-loved and used the cabin has been over the years,” says Jeff. The stair railing and lighting boast a Scandinavian look to match the feel of the rest of the place.

The project got under way with the conversion of the un heated cabin to a year-round retreat. “We started by insulating the crawlspace walls and floor with spray foam insulation. recalls Jeff. Interior walls and ceilings were insulated as wrell a fairly easy task, since the originals were jusr exposed studs and rafters. A furnace was installed and the mechanical systems updated. Single-pane window’s were replaced with insulated glass, and new corner w’indows were added

The Scandinavian detail on the screen door adds to the cabin’s whimsy. to maximize lake views. The Balmers redid the kitchen and expanded the master bedroom with a hundred-square-foot addition. The cabin now boasts a washer and dryer, along with a shower in the bathroom and another outdoors.

While the kitchen was part of the remodel, it showcases numerous elements from the former design. Originally, some of its walls were covered in pegboard for easy storage/hanging today, one wall (now in the living room) still holds that handy pegboard. The ceramic kitchen sink evokes a nostalgic reaction from Sarah’s daughter, Ginny

If you host guests on summer weekends, consider adding an outdoor shower to free up the bathroom.

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