Minimal Home Interior Design

Minimal Home Interior Design

Decorative Touches for the Holidays
Use this ribbon weaving technique to dress up your holiday table. Simply choose the ribbons in deep green and burgundy. Create a coordinating ribbon-trimmed tablecloth or place mats. Or trim plain items such as pillowcases and guest towels.

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To figure the amount of ribbon needed, measure the total perimeter of the item you want to trim. Add up all sides and add approximately twenty inches to the measurement for the bow.
Personalize Christmas Stockings
Personalize Christmas stockings for your family with luscious velvet, organdy, embroidered, and taffeta ribbons. It’s easy to make an elegant stocking that will become an heirloom.

You’ll need: Vi yard of velvet or velveteen, a piece of quilt batting 16 by 22 inches, and IV2 yards of three or four different ribbons in different widths to go around the cuff. Tiny gold beads can be a wonderful added decoration, if desired.
1.Use an old Christmas stocking to cut out a pattern.

With right sides of fabric facing, cut out two velvet stockings and two batting stocking pieces.
2.From the velvet, cut a cuff 11 inches long by 16 inches wide.
3.Pin batting to wrong sides of velvet stockings.

With right sides together, stitch stockings together using a y4-inch seam. Leave upper edge open.
5.Turn stocking right side out.

Pin or baste raw edges together.
To make the cuff:
1.With right sides facing, fold cuff in half, bringing 11-inch edges together.
2.Stitch with a Winch seam and press seam open.

Fold cuff again with wrong sides facing. Pin or baste raw edges together.
4.Beginning about a lh inch from the folded edge, pin thin ribbon around the cuff, turning in ends at seam.

Stitch along edges.
5.Attach a wide ribbon and another row of the narrow ribbon to the cuff in the same way.
6.Sew a row of gold beads along the outer edges of the applied trims, if desired, about lh inch apart.

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