Minimal Small Homes

Minimal Small Homes

A model of an actual boat can be the perfect luxury for a collector. Such an accessory placed on a mantelpiece, in a postcase, or on a table in front of a window looks sensational and can be the main attraction in a room.

A basket is a traditionally inexpensive item, unless it’s an authentic American Indian one. The latter are exceptional, sought-after collectibles carried in specialty antique shops. There are also handmade baskets that are sculptural and are considered works of art not just utilitarian pieces. Craft shops and art galleries are where you’ll find them.

Another luxury that might not be considered so extravagant by some is really good, fresh potpourri. European soap is another, as are silver candleholdersthat come with fragrant candlesfrom England. My luxury is always having on hand a box of the famous Harry Turner scented votive candles. They exude the faint scents of lilacs and magnolias.

When I asked my daughter Amy and her husband, Stefan, what they would choose in the luxury department they both agreed. It was a set of six bone-handled steak knives made of tempered steel from the French township of Laquiole. They come in a wooden, lacquered, painted box.

When I asked a friend who is a wine expert what over-the-top luxury he would opt for the answer wasn’t surprising, “A 1967 Chateau d’Yquem sauternes. I would venture to say you won’t find that too easily.” Top off your list with the luxury of the centurya case of expensive wine or champagne to keep on hand for special occasions. That should make anyone’s home seem high style no matter how low cost the furnishings.

When you’ve made your choices, kick off your shoes, lean back against the down cushions on your European bed, casually toss the silk and cashmere throw over your legs, uncork the sauternes, and settle into the lap of luxury.

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