Mirrors Accent Furniture Clocks Wall Art

You asked. We answered. Introducing the newest line of wall art offered through Cooper Classics. From bold to breathtaking, each piece provides a perfect pairing of style and substance. Attractive and pleasantly affordable, we deliver statement pieces that elevate both your space and your bottom line.
Braille is about tactility, touch, dimensional and raised surfaces.
Braille is also the black and white outlining used to define a space. Braille color descriptors are: dimensional; rich; layered; contrast; outline; depth; tactile;
and rough/smooth.”
Quiet is nonphysical. It’s the white space, the blank page, that necessary element defining the object and that is sometimes more important than the object itself. Quiet color descriptors are: peaceful; comfort; fluid; transversal; white defines; simplicity; minimal; confident; feminine; and the new standard of life.’
Part of the Quiet palette is the Nordic influence, the ice and snow, the crystals and the translucent colors. The Arctic Circle is the next big area for the world to conquer. [Look for] an offshoot of Nordic influence, including the Nordic sky and horizon with its glowing, translucent and ethereal colors.
Noise is visual noise, it’s audio noise, it’s the attention-getting devices that distract us. The Noise palette is very vibrant, primary; almost neon-like. Each color stands unto itself and demands attention, but when you put them together, they really make a statement. Noise color descriptors are: intense; emotive; look at ME;’ fractal; blocked; patchwork; chromatic; caution; and high contrast.
Blur is the hybrid, the transformational and transitional theme from physical to nonphysical. It recalls the natural transitions or ombre of color and blurred lines. Blur color descriptors are: patina; transition; unfocused; hazed; greige; washed; putty; tints; ombre; soft contrast; and light-to neutral- to mid-tone chroma.
After all the noise of recent years, color is finally starting to quiet down.
Doty Horn is the Founding Director of ColorVoyant® LLC and the former Director of Color and Design and curator of Benjamin Moore’s Color Pulse®. Since 2011, she’s collaborated with Tikkurila Paints of Helsinki, Finland, for The ColorVoyant Watch® (www.colorvoyant. com), a quarterly blog focusing on international design and color trends. Here, she explains the genesis and meaning of her 2015 forecast, Silence:
I’m like the designer’s designer. I speak about color trends in mega themes for the design trade, whose professionals then interpret the trends for their customers. The consumer, however, wants to know exactly what color they should buy.
And unlike a lot of trend forecasters, who choose a color and then craft a story around it, I explain the mood, the direction and the why behind it. I always choose color last. You may not remember the color, but you will remember the story behind it. This said, Silence is the title and the overarching theme of the ColorVoyant trend forecast for 2015. To understand Silence, you need to have Noise, which is the first of the four themes I weave together under the theme of Silence. Color begins to lessen in intensity in Braille and Blur, and you end up with Quiet, which is white with a hint/tint of color.

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