Mixing Formulae for Various Purposes

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Mixing Formulae for Various Purposes

We now give some formulae for paints suitable for a number of purposes. It should be noted, however, that different makes of white lead and staining pigments in paste vary somewhat in consistency, according to the amount of oil incorporated in them during manufacture. Also, as we have no universally recognized standard of colour nomenclature in this country, stainers made by different manufacturers under the same description vary considerably both in hue and staining power.

For these reasons the quantities of stainers and oil stated in the various formulae must be taken as merely approximate.

This will produce about 34 lb. or gal. of mixed paint, and this should cover approximately 1,000 square feet one coat.

To the above mixture many authorities recommend the addition of from 1 to 2 lb. red-lead paste, which adds to its hardening and filling qualities, but this is not imperative.

This will make about 34 lb. or 1- gal. which will cover approximately 1,100 square feet one coat.

Mixing Formulae for Various Purposes_3.jpgMixing Formulae for Various Purposes_1.jpgMixing Formulae for Various Purposes_23.jpgMixing Formulae for Various Purposes_21.jpgMixing Formulae for Various Purposes_19.jpgMixing Formulae for Various Purposes_25.jpg

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